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Write up for the Live Arts Exchange Festival produced by Los Angeles Performance Practice.



Robert Brustein Interview.

My interview with Robert Brustein, conducted at the California Institute of the Arts on March 13, 2015.



The Government Inspector at the Walt Disney Modular Theater 

"Mistaken identities, massive bribes and corruption abound."

     24700 Blog: News From California Institute of the Arts 



Goose at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 

"The drama is delightful, thought-provoking and leaves you feeling deliciously satisfied and happy."  5 out of 5 stars!

     Three Weeks Theatre (Edinburgh's oldest festival magazine)



"The show transports you back in time to when you were thirteen, and the nostalgia really draws you into the piece."

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Interview with playwright/actor Michael Yichao

















"Critical Praise for CalArtian Edinburgh Fringe Production"

   24700 Blog: News from California Institute of the Arts 



Meet Rachel Park & Kevin Bigger, directors of NOTHING AND NOT MUCH: stories about the universe

  "We love attempting to create magic on stage with very simple ordinary objects."

  Working Theater Interview for the 2011 Directors Salon



Prometheus Bound at the Getty Villa

  "'Prometheus Bound' is a graceful revival at the Getty Villa"

  LA Times review by Charles McNulty



Prometheus Bound by Myron Meisel

  "The vision of director Travis Preston makes the most of this thought-provoking material and the environmental possibilities of the venue and the design. No thread of argument is scanted, yet the movement and diction of the players remains lucid and forceful: This is a deeply considered rendering, without obfuscation or vague passages, its gestures dynamic and pointed."

  Hollywood Reporter



All the Windows on Alcatraz at the NY International Fringe Festival by Michael Mraz

“Emotionally, Littlefield twists and turns and creates a beautiful portrait of someone breaking before our eyes.”





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