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MFA Directing  |  BFA Theatre Arts

teacher, director, writer, collaborator.


Teaching & Dramaturgy

Lead Teacher & Ensemble Director  |  Physical Acting                                                                                           current

Los Angeles, CA

  • Interim, bi-weekly training sessions open to Los Angeles area actors and dancers.

  • Class focus built upon the text of Stephen Wangh’s using the physical as a point of entry to character.Texts explored range from classical work, to contemporary film pieces and literature, depending on the needs and desires of the students working.

  • Meetings split focus between mastering the physical containers marked chapter-by-chapter in Wangh’s book and partnering for scene work.“Scenes,” at times, include individual monologue work from a text of choice performed for feedback in one-on-one partnerships.


Dramaturg, Writing & Research Assistant for Stan Lai                                                                                           current

CalArts Center for New Performance, Los Angeles, CA

  • Serving as dramaturg and research/writing assistant for the workshop of the new site-specific play in development by director-in-residence Stan Lai, called “The best Chinese language playwright and director in the world…” by BBC. Facilitating translation, shaping structure, and serving as cultural advisor for the in-process text.

  • Will work to develop the piece with Lai and an ensemble of actors in residence at CalArts and the Huntington Library Botanical Gardens, which will premiere the work in Summer 2018.

Graduate Faculty |  Institute Directing                                                                                                                                        2015

California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

  • Twice a week, Institute Level Class open to all schools, fully planned and taught by Rachel Park.

  • Focus included textual analysis of scripted materials, as well as basic understanding of composition, choreography, and an address to scenic considerations.Used texts by William Ball, Peter Brook, Anne Bogart, Antonin Artaud, and more as primary texts for investigation.

  • Students directed one other in groups, starting from the nonverbal and then approaching fragments of by Friedrich Drrenmatt in two sections, which included a full analysis of the world of the play and a preliminary approach to the design considerations and ensemble.

  • Students were asked to complete full textual analysis of a one-act-play, developing a prompt book which examined the blocking and motivation of each character, scenic and props breakdown, budget, and production calendar.


Guest Lecturer   |  Conversations in Contemporary Theater                                                                                                  


California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

  • Twice a week, undergraduate class taught by Shannon Scrofano and Chiwang Yang.

  • Led lecture series in adapting classical text to modern settings through an approach to design and materials rather than rewriting.Addressed pre-production and production considerations alike, as well as context and modern resonances of the text.

  • Facilitated small group discussions, engaged students on themes and relevance of by Nikolai Gogol.Prompted deep thought into themes and scenic considerations.



Visiting Artist/Guest Director  |  New Play Workshop                                                                                            


École de la Comédie de Saint-Étienne, Saint-Étienne, FR

  • Two-week new play workshop with emerging playwright Aleshea Harris.

  • Worked with translator Séverine Magois and Ms. Harris to develop the first French language translation of the play Coyote Comes/Beast Thing, Le coyote arrive.

  • Led group of 9 French acting students with varying degrees of English understanding (fluent to none) in physical workshops and staging of the play for clarity and revisions.

  • Presented fully staged workshop production of French text as part of the Fête du Livre de Saint Étienne.


Ensemble Director, Acting Teacher  |  Boston University Summer Theater Institute                                                  


Boston University, Boston, MA

  • Pre-college program for high school juniors entering their final year of school.

  • Taught physical acting techniques rooted in Stephen Wangh’s

  • Directed students in the creation of a ninety minute original adaptation of , helping them build and shape both text and movement based works.




Master Class in Shakespeare                                                                                                                                           2015

California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

  • Master class taught by visiting guest artist Robert Brustein, founder of the Yale School of Drama and ART.

  • Engaged students in a close reading of deeply probing the text and its larger themes, the world of the play, and the historical context.

  • Broke the play down scene by scene, exploring the language and speech, lightly staging small sections to illuminate student discussions and further explore the connection between language and action.


Arts and Activism                                                                                                                                                                   2014

California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

  • Twice a week, undergraduate class taught by Evelyn Serrano.

  • Class combined a study of history of political arts activists in the 19th century through the present.

  • Mediated class discussions surrounding sensitive subject material and artistic responses to great tragedies and/or social injustices.Broadened their understanding of the intersection between art, collaboration, and social change in community building and engagement.

  • Led students in smaller group discussions, engaging artistic works critically and guiding conversations about contemporary resonances.




California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

  • Twice a week class taught by collage film artist Lewis Klahr.

  • An exploration of 20th century collage and its impact on visual art, literature, theater, music, and especially experimental film.Used Martin Boon’s as a textual guide.

  • Class discussion and interrogation of materials worked to identify key fundamentals of the form such as juxtaposition and appropriation, plus significant thematics—memory, cultural memory, authorship, the original and its copy—as a metaphor for urban experience.


Directing Lab                                                                                                                                                         


California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

  • Twice a week, graduate level class taught by dean of the school of theater and head of directing, Travis Preston.

  • Class engaged the first year MFA directors in classical texts and styles of directing, using the MFA actors as their company in a laboratory setting.

  • Texts explored included: Shakespeare, Ibsen, Brecht, and Chekhov.


Screenwriting for the Theater Artist                                                                                                                              


California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

  • Twice a week, institute level class taught by Lewis Klahr.

  • Facilitated and led sessions which taught practical formatting and software skills to students in the school of theater looking to learn screenwriting.

  • In addition to technical lessons, the class broke organizational plot points and structural landmarks for short films, sitcoms, feature length films, and episodic web series.


Cinematic Elixirs                                                                                                                                                                      2013

California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

  • Weekly, Institute Level class taught by Lewis Klahr.

  • Class sought to enhance and strengthen directorial and design approaches through cinematic analysis.

  • Aimed to enhance visual thinking and understanding of film landscapes, historical contexts, and genre construction, through high-level discussions and critical writing assignments.


Graduate Seminar: Greek Drama                                                                                                                                  


California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

  • Twice a week, graduate level class taught by Charles McNulty.

  • Class focus spanned Aeschylus, Euripides, and Sophocles, delving into both story and modern approaches, struggles, and triumphs of staging these ancient texts today, facilitated by both in-class discussions and individual presentations of particular performances.


Theatre Ensemble                                                                                                          


Boston University, Boston, MA

  • Twice a week, undergraduate class taught by Judy Braha.

  • Using the text , the class engaged undergrads in the creation of their own written theatrical texts, and encouraged abstract and movement based interpretations of the book, tapping into their personal stories and interpretations.




Production Coordinator  |  The Producers Group, LLC                                                                                             


  • Assists with organization of creative and technical deliverables for large-scale attractions and events, and facilitates coordination of project logistics and communications with clients.

  • Work also includes assistance with preparation for in-house and client presentations and creation of project meeting agendas, etc.


Content and Production Associate  |  On Track Themes


  • Worked under president Mark Thomas developing themed entertainment content for Paramount Pictures.

  • Primary roles included work with conceptual development, narrative, and audience engagement through emerging technologies and social platforms.


Communications Strategist & Blogger  |  Los Angeles Performance Practice                                                                  


  • Engaged the company with new social media tools, organized and helped execute social media efforts for their LAX Festival for two consecutive years, and worked to increase overall visibility and Internet presence.

  • Moderated talk-backs and artists receptions, writing online content for the LAPP blog.


Research Associate and Social Media Strategist  |  CalArts Center for New Performance                               


  • Coordinated and executed social media efforts for the TEDx CalArts conference, promoting the event and helping to curate a day-long series of events.

  • Served as a research associate for web archives, and promoted artistic outreach with affiliated artists.


Producing Associate and Executive Assistant  |  Page 73 Productions                                                              


  • Served under executive directors Liz Jones and Asher Richelli.Assisted with readings and productions over the 2010-2011 season.

  • Organized a comprehensive social media strategy plan, assisted with grant writing and research, event planning for the annual Page 73 on Page 73 benefit, and donor correspondence and database cultivation.


Producer  |  New York International Fringe Festival                                                                                                                


  • Co-produced , the inaugural production of a new company focused on female-driven work, with Isobel Bruce.

  • Duties included but were not limited to:casting, scheduling, fundraising and crowdsourcing, administrative duties.


Producer  |  The Elephant in the Room: a night of new work                                                                                                 


  • Coordinated and directed a fully staged presentation of three new short plays by emerging playwrights from across the United States.

  • Workshopped new play scripts, directed each indivudal text, produced and promoted the evening.


Exec. Assistant to the Artistic Director  |  Camden People’s Theatre, London                                              


  • Artistic and administrative internship through Boston University.Served under artistic director Matt Ball.Assisted in the planning and orchestration of the annual SPRINT Emerging Artists Festival in Camden, London, UK.

  • Handled audience and donor relations, along with general office duties.



Theater Directing                                                                                                                2008-2015   


Waiting for Godot                                                                         Samuel Beckett                       REDCAT Gallery for Agency, Assembly | CA

Coyote Comes/Le coyote arrive                                             Aleshea Harris                          École de la Comédie de Saint-Étienne | FR

French Translation by Séverine Magois

The Government Inspector                                                      Nikolai Gogol                            Walt Disney Modular Theater, CalArts | CA

Goose                                                                                                Yichao Wang                            Edinburgh Fringe Festival | Scotland, UK

Nothing and Not Much                                                               K. Bigger & R. Park                 BU | The Huntington Theater, Studio 210         

Preservatives                                                                                Stacey Himeon                        Triskelion Arts Center | Brooklyn, NY

Nobody Dies on Friday                                                               Robert Brustein                        CalArts Center for New Performance

Leakages and Anticoagulants                                                  David Gaitán                             CalArts School of Theater

                  English Translation by Julián Mesri

Iphigenia’s Shadow                                                                     R. Park                                        CalArts New Works Festival

Internal Bleeding                                                                          Gabriela Garcia Medina        REDCAT Fall Studio | Los Angeles, CA

Nothing and Not Much                                                               K. Bigger & R. Park                 Working Theater NY | Directors’ Salon

Skyview                                                                                           I. Salazar (staged reading)  CalArts Writing for Performance                           

Team Awesome                                                                            Ross Evans (reading)             Under St. Marks | NYC                                            

winter death                                                                                   Camila LeBert                           Manhattan Shakespeare Festival | NYC

Separate Parts                                                                              John Michael Johnson           CalArts Writing for Performance

The Lady and the Tyger…                                                          Trace Crawford                        The Access Theater | NYC

Goose                                                                                                Michael Yichao Wang           CalArts New Works Festival

Footprints in the Applesauce                                                    Ben Fisher                                  ImprovBoston Mainstage | Boston, MA

Dance of the Pink Elephant                                     S. Himeon & R. Park              ImprovBoston Mainstage |Boston, MA






Assistant Directing                                                                                                              2008-2015


Prometheus Bound                                  Joel Agee                                   Dir. Travis Preston                  CalArts CNP | The Getty Villa, CA       

Cooking Oil                                                  Asiimwe Deborah                   Dir. Emily Mendelsohn         LAPP | Atwater Village Theater          

The Glass Menagerie                              T. Williams                                Dir. Jim Petosa                         Boston Center for American


The Visit                                                       F. Dürrenmatt                          Dir. Sid Friedman                    BU | Huntington Theatre—210           

Much Ado About Nothing    W. Shakespeare                     Dir. Bridget O’Leary                Boston University | 855 Studios         

Woyceck                                                      Georg Büchner                         Dir. Daniel Winerman            Boston University | 855 Studios         


Playwriting & Screenwriting                                                                                             2008-2015


Go Lightly.                                                   a short film.                               Dir. Brian Hashimoto              Flixus Film Festival | Los Angeles

Iphigenia’s Shadow.                                a ritual dance.                          Dir. Rachel Park                       CalArts New Works Festival

Nothing and Not Much.                         a play.                                         Dir. Rachel Park                       BU | Huntington Theatre—210           

co-written with Kevin Bigger                                                                                                                              Working Theater | NYC




California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) – School of Theater 

Master of Fine Arts in Directing                                                                                                                                        2015

Training:  Performance by Design, Interpretative Strategies for Performance, Greek Drama, Contemporary Drama, Dramaturgy, Directing Lab, Acting for the Camera, Screenwriting, Adaptation, Cinematic Elixirs, Entrepreneurship, The Business of Art, Foundations of Live and Location Based Entertainment, Yoga.


Boston University – College of Fine Arts 

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts, with honors                                                                                                   2008

Training:  Physical Acting—Grotowski focus, Meisner, Stanislavsky, Linklater Voice Technique, Reiki, Commedia del Arte, Modern Dance, Ballet, Movement (Viewpoints, Suzuki, Alexander Technique), Shakespeare, Ensemble Creation, Stage Combat (armed and unarmed), Practical voice/dialects.


Double Edge Theater                                                                                                                                                                              2006-2008

                  Open training sessions and weekend development workshops with Carlos Uriona, Jeremy Eaton, and Stacey Klein.


Fitzmaurice Voice Training                                                                                                                                                 2013

                  Two-week intensive workshop taught by Chelsea DuVall at California Institute of the Arts.   


Awards & Affiliations


National Directors Fellowship Nominee 2015 (inaugural search)

Themed Entertainment Association

Theatre Communications Group Member

California Institute of the Arts Institute Grant for Graduate Studies

California Institute of the Arts School of Theater Travel Grant

              (awarded to further relationship with Mexico City playwright David Gaitán)

Boston University Claflin Grant (4 year renewable grant)

Boston University Grant (4 year renewable grant)

Sarah Hernandez Memorial Scholarship

Boston University Dean’s List With Distinction (Spring 2007)

Boston University Dean’s List (Fall 2006, Fall 2007, Spring 2008)

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