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unleashing the power of the female voice

The Hecuba Project was created by Lisa Nathans and Rachel Park as a performance laboratory geared towards exploring the full range, resonance, power, and potential of our own female voices as performers, artists, and educators. 


​Linklater suggests that “the deeper ranges of the voice connect with the self at a fundamental level of power and many women avoid the feeling and expression of power because they do not want to dominate… [But what if it was] possible that if women’s voices were free they could transform the reputation of power from despotic to an articulation of powerful gentleness, powerful caring, powerful joy, powerful laughter and the powerful vulnerability that is the prerequisite for powerful compassion.” (Linklater 2013; 29)

The Hecuba Project puts Linklater’s theory into practice, and creates space to research implementing strategies for teaching voice and speech in a way that helps empower women to use their voices more fully and openly. 

Performance Viewings and Voice Workshops made possible by the Creative and Performing Arts Award from the Graduate School, University of Maryland.

[production photos available in directing gallery]

Hecuba was directed by Rachel Park and performed at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood in August 2018, with accompanying workshops and conversations held at Thymele Arts and Madilyn Clark Studios. 

The show was designed by an all-female creative team.

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Voice Workshops

Open Linklater workshops were held for audience members identifying as female, providing tools to harness and support of their unique voices.

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Exploring The Modern Chorus

Director Rachel Park led the cast in a rehearsal process that sought to expand traditional vocal harmonics and explore the modern Greek chorus. By pairing choral song and breath work with repetitive gestural sequences, the ensemble investigated the link between bodies, minds, and emotional centers. The group also explored layering Eurypides' original text and played with nonverbal sonic landscapes.

O, Wind of OceanHecuba
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Gestural Investigation

Director Rachel Park was interested in pairing choral song and breath work with repetitive gestural sequences, exploring the link between our bodies, minds, and emotional centers. 

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